Greater outdoor: 6 amazing benefits of outdoor exercise

Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Escaping the everyday stresses of life is greater outdoor. It’s also a wonderful place to get exercise, which is why we’re going to share with you some of the many benefits of outdoor exercise. So grab your shoes and let’s go!

Habit tracker ideas 1. You get more vitamin D and fresh air

In addition to the obvious benefits of outdoor exercise—getting fresh air and vitamin D, among others—you also get a wealth of psychological benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic, you can experience a boost in your mood and energy levels, a heightened sense of well-being, increased optimism, and lower stress levels when you’re outside.

Furthermore, spending time outdoors is great for your mental health because it gives you an opportunity to decompress from work or other tasks while still getting some activity in. Even if you’re not a fan of running or biking and prefer hiking instead, there are still ways that being outside will improve your psychological state: Hiking through nature has been shown to reduce anxiety by up to 80 percent compared with walking through urban environments like cities or suburbs.

fresh air

Habit tracker ideas 2. The outdoors offers a change of scenery

While you’re exercising outdoors, you get to spend time with nature and the sky. You’ll see not just trees and grass, but also flowers, birds, and other animals. This can be a good way to get a change of scenery from your daily routine—especially if you’ve been spending too much time sitting at a desk or staring at computer screens all day! Plus, seeing nature can be beneficial for your mental health as well as your physical health.

You might also find yourself interacting with other people who are out in the same place as you—and that’s great! It’s easy to make friends when everyone is working toward similar goals (like getting fit).

outdoor exercise

Habit tracker ideas 3. It’s cheaper than a gym membership

When you think about it, a gym membership is really just a glorified storage unit for your workout equipment. You could be saving yourself some serious cash by exercising outdoors instead.

Any activity involving moving around and getting your heart rate up can count as exercise—even if it’s just walking around the block with your dog or pushing yourself to run faster than you did yesterday. And there are plenty of outdoor options that don’t require a lot of equipment:





gym membership

Habit tracker ideas 4. Exercise outside combats stress, anxiety, and depression

You might think that exercising outdoors would only make you feel more stressed and anxious. But in fact, it’s the opposite: getting fit outside can be a great way to manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

Exercise has been proven to help people sleep better at night, which is also important for managing stress. Sleeping well allows your body to recover from the day and repair itself after any damage caused by high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).

In addition to helping with the quality of sleep and relaxation, outdoor exercise can make you feel more positive about life overall. It’s common sense that physical activity releases endorphins in the brain—that feeling of euphoria after a good workout is real! This boost in self-confidence can have lasting effects on mood while reducing feelings of anxiety or depression over time.

Exercise also helps people think clearly by increasing blood flow to the brain while reducing mental fatigue associated with staying still too long without moving around enough.

Exercise outside combats stress

Habit tracker ideas 5. Adds variety to your workout

While indoor workouts are certainly important, they can get boring. If you’re tired of your regimen, why not look to the outdoors? You can do a variety of activities in the great outdoors that will help keep your workout interesting:

 Walk in nature.

 Swim in a lake or ocean.

 Ride a bicycle on trails through the park.

It’s also important to keep track of how much time you spend doing each activity so that it remains varied and balanced throughout the week.

cycling workout

Habit tracker ideas 6. You get more physical benefits from outdoor exercise

Outdoor exercise is better for your heart and your joints.

There’s a reason that playgrounds are called “recreation” centers. Humans have a natural love of being outside. It’s where they belong, and it’s where they can be the most active, with minimal impact on their health. Whether you’re working out in your local park or kicking back on vacation at the beach, getting some fresh air every day makes a significant difference in how healthy you feel and what kinds of activities you can undertake—from activities like jogging on the pavement to more strenuous ones such as rock climbing or hiking through mountainous terrain.

benefits from outdoor exercise

Habit tracker ideas Being outside is good for you!

 Being outside is good for you! Being outdoors can help you live longer, sleep better and improve your mood.

 Outdoor exercise can help you lose weight and be healthier overall.

 You need to get out and get moving! Be sure to take advantage of any opportunities to spend time in nature.


Outdoor exercise is the perfect way to get fit and healthy. It allows you to enjoy the sunshine, clear your mind and de-stress while getting some exercise in. The best part? You don’t even need any equipment! There are so many benefits of outdoor exercise that it may even replace your usual gym routine altogether! It’s greater outdoor, so take your shoes and be more active!


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